Forest Fawning by Irene Peña

Model in Costa Rican jungle with deer & antler t-shirt.

Shot in April 2010 with both analog-toy and digital cameras on location in Heredia, Costa Rica. The concept featured a sexy couple on vacation in the lush, green jungle to showcase wardrobes designed by Costa Rican fashion and accessory designers, specially arranged by Spanish stylist Mariano Puente, who was working for several months in the region. The pieces are available through local designers like Giancarlo Sandoval-Mazzero, Carolina Uzaga Cerdas and at the San Jose, Costa Rica clothing store “Inmaculada Concepcion del Diseño.” The models Cameron & Fatima are from the Costa Rican modeling agency Unique Model Management. Make-up & hair by Alfredo Montoya.

More Information about Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer Irene Peña

Irene Peña is a fashion and lifestyle photographer working between Los Angeles and Costa Rica. Her artistic background includes graphic design, painting, and advertising photography with an art degree from Santa Monica College. Her fine art collaborations with designers and artists show at galleries in both North and South America

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