Artist Billing Services

Photograph of Currency

Professional invoices and estimates for photographers, illustrators, and designers.

Traditional Artist Representation can be expensive, and it’s not for everyone. However, no one can deny the need for a clear accounting paperwork trail when it comes to dealing with advertising agencies and publishers.  As a professional artist, you may need help getting through one project, or you may be so busy that billing and follow-ups no longer fit in your work week. From estimates to invoices, let our accounting department take the guesswork and hassle out of billing. We have affordable subscription plans or single project based rates. Contact us for more information.

House Account Management.

We will assist every step of the way with all the paperwork needed throughout your commercial art billing process. Portfolio delivery memos, estimates, invoices, late notices, stock licensing, infringement notices, and more. Make sure your paperwork protects you and your work. Quarterly and annual reports. Personalized service, customized for photographers, illustrators, and designers.

Project Management.

Your paperwork may be up to par when it comes to billing local clients, but when a big project comes your way, you may need some professional assistance to get you through the agency process.

Single Estimate or Invoice.

We can generate a professional invoice or estimate created for your specific project.
Whatever your specific needs are for artist billing and invoicing, we can help.
Contact us for more information.