Commercial Reel of Rainey Studios

The Renaissance Hotel (Phoenix Arizona)

The Renaissance Hotel (Phoenix Arizona) from Rainey Studios, Wayne Rainey on Vimeo.

Wayne Rainey wrote, directed and co produced this video for The Renaissance Hotel/ Marriott company in 2013. Said Rainey, “They have a terrific team there through and through and together we made a video not so much about the hotel but about the concept and value of “place.” It is so refreshing to have a client that understands the importance of the connecting businesses and neighborhoods that they inhabit and that by reaching out and supporting those assets they ensure their own success.”

Editor: Matt Eastin

Arizona Office of Tourism Campaign

Arizona Office Of Tourism Campaign 2013 from Rainey Studios, Wayne Rainey on Vimeo.

This is just some of the beautiful footage Rainey Studios shot over 10 days to create a video library for the Arizona Office of Tourism. Locations included Tucson, Lake Havasu, Sedona, Antelope Canyon, and more.

Client: Arizona Office of Tourism. Agency: Off Madison Ave. Production: Big Monkey Films.
Art Director: John Tomkiw. Editor: Jon Jenkins.

Bison Made (Brand Video)

Wayne Rainey directed, photographed and produced this short “brand” video for Bison Made, a Phoenix based manufacturer of hand made straight razors, fine leather wallets, iphone cases and razor strops. All images were shot on location during the actual manufacturing process.

Editor: Matt Eastin

More Information about Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey is a fine-art and commercial photographer, and an artistic community activist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Educated in photography through 25 years of practical experience, Rainey has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and major production advertising. In addition to his commercial career, Rainey’s reputation in the fine arts world is well known through exhibitions at Bentley Gallery and reviews in publications such as ArtNews and Communication Arts.

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