Wayne Rainey’s Black and White Fine Art Photography Series, “Africa”

Online for the first time, Wayne Rainey’s “Africa”. A black and white fine art photography series from his travels across the southern continent in 2001.

11 Years ago today, Wayne Rainey’s stunning black and white fine art photography series, ‘Africa’ premiered at the prestigious Bentley Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona to rave reviews. Rainey captured his southern African oddysey by following an eclipse with a pinhole, a Holga, and precious little film, meandering the continent by whatever means available. “Africa” appeared again at Bokeh Gallery in Phoenix in the summer of 2010, and now, for the first time, we are making the complete series available online, thanks to a recent discovery in the Rainey Studios archives. In this age of Instagram, it’s interesting to revisit the analog images that inspired our modern photo apps and reflect on the sometimes ethereal nature of film.

The Back Story

In the summer of 2001, Photographer Wayne Rainey followed the path of adventure, and a solar eclipse through the southern parts of Africa, documenting the people and events in their everyday lives.

Leaving behind the usual safari assortment of long lenses and traditional cameras, Rainey embarked on a photographic journey with a pinhole camera and a Chinese plastic medium-format camera, better known as a ‘Holga’. Traveling by bus, canoe, and land rover, zigzagging the region, living out of a tent, and carefully selecting his subjects to conserve precious film, the result is an arresting collection of Black and White fine art photography.

Read more about the project, along with reviews in the original press release from December, 2002.

More Information about Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer Wayne Rainey

Wayne Rainey is a fine-art and commercial photographer, and an artistic community activist based in Phoenix, Arizona. Educated in photography through 25 years of practical experience, Rainey has specialized in commercial fields such as food, lifestyles, resort, and major production advertising. In addition to his commercial career, Rainey’s reputation in the fine arts world is well known through exhibitions at Bentley Gallery and reviews in publications such as ArtNews and Communication Arts.

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